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Friday, 1 October 2010


I absolutely love the autumn. Going for walks in the colourful woods with some thick knitted jumper on, walking through the crunchy leaves and watching them fall from the trees, the smell of burning leaves when people make bonfires in their gardens, fireworks and sunsets.. All the beautiful colours and autumn breeze. I love autumn..

Here is a tiny shop update preview on my new yarn inspired by these lovely colours. It is mostly only 1 skein for each colour, perfect for little knitting projects such as socks, mittens, hats, fingerless gloves..All of the yarn will be available from Saturday 2nd October 2010 at my shop.

Autumn Walk
Autumn Walk DK

Ripening Plum
Ripening Plum DK

Autumn Delight
Autumn Delight DK

Pacific Purple
Pacific Purple DK

Fireworks 4 ply

Forest Floor
Forest Floor 4 ply

Plum Berry Crisp
Plum Berry Crisp 4 Ply

Apple & Bluberries
Apple & Bluberries 4 Ply

Woodland 4 Ply

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