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Thursday, 25 November 2010


Me & Oliver aka Yarn to Knit went to the Big Knit Show in Exeter last weekend.
This time we didn't have a transport so we went all the way to Devon by train with two suitcases filled with all the lovely yarn. London Paddington on Friday evening is complete chaos. I spent 25 mins in a queue to collect our tickets from the "FAST" ticket machine whilst anxiously waiting for Oliver who was stuck in traffic on a bus. We managed to buy ourselves some coffee before we boarded the train.
It takes approximately 2.5h from London to Exeter which means 5hours in total of uninterrupted knitting time! :-)

We arrived at our hotel in Exeter just before 11pm. Managed to go for a quick drink in a pub next door and off to bed. I didn't sleep well due to the noise of traffic outside and the room was also quite cold.

We woke up on Saturday pretty early as we were to be at the Corn Exchange, where the Big Knit show was taking place, at around 8pm to set up our table. At this point I was already tired but very excited about the show!
Considering we were limited by the amount of stock we could take I think we didn't do that badly..

I really liked the show. It had a nice warm homely atmosphere. Stall holders as well as the visitors were very friendly and chatty people. Apparently there was around 450 visitors on the day which I think for Exeter is not that bad! Well done Devon knitters! :-)

Our train back on Sunday was at around 8pm so we had a whole day to explore Exeter. Just a shame that the weather was so gloomy, miserable and it was raining nearly for a whole day!

Jane from Heavenly Yarns shop had a stall next to me at the show. I asked her if her shop would be open on Sunday so we could have a look. She said it wasn't but she would be there updating stock and if we see her inside we should just knock on the door. So we did! We had a lovely chat and got even a tea and biscuits. Thank you Jane!

Then we went for a walk along the Quay side where we popped in an Antique Centre. I came out with a pair of vintage plastic knitting needles for my collection. :-)

There were lots and lots and lots of geese and swans along the Quay! 

Have you been to Knit Expo yesterday? I bought lots of yummy yarn for my stash..:-)
Then we went to see the Exeter Cathedral which is closed to tourists on Sundays. Unfortunately we only had a look around the outside.
When you go on holidays there is always a scaffolding on the historic buildings!
Quick stop for a cup of tea in the Tea on the Green.

We finished our tour of Exeter in a pub with a pint. Despite the miserable weather we had a nice time in Exeter. Thank you to all of you who came to see us at the show! 
Next is the Christmas Craft Fair at Sutton House in Hackney, London on 4th & 5th December 2010.

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