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Friday, 7 January 2011

FAREWELL 2010, HELLO 2011!

So another year has passed and it was a great one without any major hiccups.. :-)

Yarn to Knit is just over 1 year old now and  it grows from strength to strength. We have done 6 knitting events last year and have some more lined up for 2011. We have met many amazing people and great knitters who are always ever so nice and friendly. 

I am still in a process of learning how to run a business and I think I came a long way since I started. There is still lots to improve..

I really love receiving our customers' pictures of their finished projects. This always makes my day. Please keep them coming!:-)

I would love to thank to all of my customers, for all of your lovely comments. I really do appreciate it. Without you, my dream having a yarn shop would not come true. 

Finally, I would love to thank to my family and friends who have faith in me, and specially to Oliver for his constant support and for helping me at the shows. 

I have lots and lots of new ideas and plans for next year for Yarn to Knit. But hush for now, you will find out as we go along. ;-)

On a personal level I could not be happier. It seems that all is going very well and I can't complaint. Moreover, in total four new little persons were an addition to my friends and family last year and another 3 to be born in January 2011! Some baby knitting projects are certainly coming my way..

My New Year's Resolutions:

Whether I keep them I am not sure, but let's put them in writing anyway! ;-)
  1.  Not to  start a new project unless I finish the present one - I think this is the toughest of them all :-O
  2. Improve and learn new techniques - Fair Isle, Intarsia and lace knitting just to name a few..
  3. Knit at least 5 pair of socks including 1 pair for Oliver.
  4. Crochet more - I always wanted to make a Granny Squares blanket..
  5. Improve my sewing skills.
  6. READ more books - knitting is taking up nearly all my spare time, I used to read a lot!
  7. Finish my embroidery tablecloth - still huge amount of work to do..
  8. Recycle, reuse, upcycle even more and celebrate the Earth whenever possible.

So here is to even better 2011!

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