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Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Blocking knitting is a process that most knitters have heard about and many knitters don't do. And I was one of them for quite a while. But sometimes your knitting just doesn't come out exactly the way you want or the way it needs to look. If I put so much effort into my knitting I might as well finish it off properly and let the pattern /shape stand out..

I have always used my sofa or bed and ordinary stainless steel pins. But it was never perfect..There was always something wrong..the sofa too small, the bed being the only bed at our flat and I refuse to sleep on the sofa for the sake of blocking, not to mention my boyfriend! :-)
Photo www.knittingdaily.com
I've been wanting the blocking gear for some time now. When my birthday was due in March, my friends and family asked me what present I wanted. As they asked, I jumped at the opportunity and wished for my blocking tools. And when I received them - I jumped again..very high with a high pitch squeeee!

I received these foam play mats from my mum and my sister all the way from Prague. Thank you mum and sis! x I do have to say that my mum was a bit puzzled by these puzzles when I asked for them as I think she secretly hoped I would have another use for them then knitting...Yes, they are meant for children to play on...sorry mum, not yet..;-)

I am going to use these mats instead of a blocking board. I like the idea of putting them in shape, width and lenght as I need to. I can easily stick the pins in and they do not require enormous space to store them.
Also one more thing I like about them is the fact that they are quiet comfortable and soft  and your knees don't hurt while blocking (which can take some time) on my hard wooden floor.

The other present I received from my lovely friend Renata are these blocking wires called Blockit. And I am in love. I can't recommend them enough. The kit contains twelve 36" rigid wires, two 24" flexible wires, 20 steel "T" shape pin which are also rust-proof, yardstick, sturdy storage tube and blocking instructions. They make the whole blocking experience a lot easier!

I've just finished knitting the Taygete shawl so my next post will be about blocking this beauty. Watch this space!

In the mean time, just for fun, let's have a little survey about blocking. :-) 
Only 2 questions..
You should be able to see the results immediately after you complete the survey. Thank you!

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