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Tuesday, 29 March 2011


I am more of a knitter as opposed to a crocheter. I have been taught by my grandma and my mum how to knit and little bit of crochet as a kid. Through out the years I stuck to knitting. I consider myself to be an intermediate knitter though a beginner in crochet. And so crochet is the skill I would like to improve..

Look at these hooks! Aren't they lovely?

Here are few points which come to my mind when I think of crochet:

1. I love the work of Lucy at Attic24. Full stop.

2. I am left handed, which does not help at all if you  are a self-taught ;-( . Most of the video tutorials are by right handed people or if there is one for left handed - I just can't never find the right one, most of my friends are knitters - and if they can crochet they are right handed. I have never seen an illustration crochet tutorial for left handed people in a knitting magazine for example. However I found this book: Crochet Unravelled by Claire Bojczuk which has both, left and right illustrations which I find quite helpful.

3. Crochet charts don't mean anything to me. That is because they have never been explained to me properly or, actually, I haven't really bothered to look into this in detail to be honest.. :-O I need to learn how to read them..

4. UK/US terminology - why oh' why oh' why? 
UK and US crochet terms are different, but they use the same terms to describe different stitches. Confused? So am I! And of course, when I choose a pattern I find out that it is in US terminology - now have to convert it in the  UK terminology... 

5. I do like crochet. I really need to improve on this. I hope I can squeeze some time between all of the dyeing, knitting, occasional spinning, sewing and baking..oh...and have you ever heard about weaving?! ;-)

By Joana Vasconcelos


  1. I don't know why, but the crab made me laugh :)

    I really don't get the US/UK thing either. As for left handed - there are tutorials on youtube to show you. I can't remember her name (it's like twj1111) but she does a right and left tutorial on pretty much everything she posts.

  2. Fantastic crochet hooks - imagine having all different flowers, a bouquet of hooks and arranging them in a vase.

    UK/US I am in UK but have started learning US - it works with my brain better???

  3. Ha, yes, the terminology is so frustrating at times! I've messed up a number of projects because I thought they were in US terminology when they were in UK terminology and I only found out after a number of rows... We live and learn, since then I read through the whole pattern before I start ;)

    And that crab is making me uncomfortable. Is that an actual crab in there?! Eep!

  4. Those crochet hooks are great, I've never seen a curved one before.

  5. Are you still trying to learn more about Crochet? I'm a lefty too and used this website a fair bit when learning
    If you hover your mouse over the picture, then it flips for you :-)